Shoulder Pain


Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is a complex joint which has to be particularly mobile but also has to provide the stability that the whole of the upper limb requires it to function normally. Many anatomical structures can be the underlying cause of your symptoms.

At The Arches, your therapist will work with you to help identify the source of your symptoms and provide a bespoke treatment plan for many conditions including:

-Rotator cuff tendonitis/impingement /tears

-Frozen shoulder


-Shoulder instability and dislocations

– Acromioclavicular joint problems

Post fracture rehabilitation

Preparation for surgery and post surgery rehabilitation

Our skilled and experienced team of doctors and therapists are here to help assess, treat and plan your individually tailored rehabilitation programme.

We treat a wide range of conditions ranging from neck problems, back pain, soft tissue injury, tendon problems, arthritis, neurological conditions, recovery from fractures and both pre and post op surgery assessments.

We can also undertake a pre-participation, whole body musculoskeletal screen if you plan to embark upon a training plan for a sports event, activity holiday or just wish to build up your fitness levels in a progressive manner to enjoy a better quality of life.

Whatever your needs, we aim to get you moving better and without pain through our gold standard formula of hands on therapy, use of electrotherapy machines as directed by your therapist and a goal driven rehabilitation programme that we will guide you through in our fantastic new purpose built gym.

We are also able to offer acupuncture and domiciliary visits if you are unable to visit our practice in the heart of Lymington. 

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